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PTM008 - Patrik Widmer - Touch My Soul

Patrik Widmer unleashes an electrifying journey into the abyss of Acid Techno with "Touch My Soul". Get lost in pulsating kick drums that evolve into the drop - a moment of pure transcendence. The emotional, resonating melody creates seismic energy and leaves trails of euphoria. Now available on Plastic Toys. May your soul be touched forever. 

Dave202 - Coming Home (Patrik Widmer Remix)

Switzerland's PATRIK WIDMER joins the Joyride Music Progressive crew with his all new Techno remix of DAVE202's 2011 original COMING HOME. The original, together with a Tech Trance remix from Ireland's Paul Webster, came out in 2011 on High Contrast Nu Breed and is also available from Joyride Music Digital, including a previously unreleased short version of the Paul Webster remix. The original was heavily supported by Armin van Buuren and was also included on the Dream Dance 56 compilation. 

PTM007 - Audioklinik - Kritapong (Patrik Widmer Remix)

Plastic Toys welcomes Audioklinik! Their debut release on Plastic Toys Music, "Kritapong", showcases their distinctive sound that has gained them international recognition and making waves in the Hardgroove / Tribal Hard Techno scene with releases on Soul Access, Hydraulix, Adult Rec., Moop Up, Patterns, Naked Lunch and many more popular and well-known labels. The 2024 remastered version of "Kritapong" also features new remixes by Sandro M. and Patrik Widmer, who add their own twists and flavours to this amazing track. 

Patrik Widmer - Hypnosis

Diagnose Techno, Vol. 2 on Sonaxx Records

Alberto RuizParadocsonHØWIEShane wellsPatrik Widmer

Audioklinik - Kritapong (Patrik Widmer Remix)

Well over a decade after it's last release, the legendary Adult Records returns to the scene. The label couldn't have found a more suitable first new release, because with a title like 'From Past To Future EP' it was meant to be so it seems. Audioklinik enters the scene with the remasters of his long lost tracks 'From Past To Future' and 'Dirty Friction', whilst Patrik Widmer and Mark Williams do their thing on remix duties. Adult Records is officially back, and this is just the first of many to come!

Patrik Widmer - Pan is Back

Patrik Widmer stands for powerful, exuberant techno. A vibe he perfectly reproduces in PAN IS BACK by pairing strong kicks with an epic melody and a cheeky acid line, creating the high level of energy he embodies.

Patrik Widmer - Acid Love

Plastic Toys welcomes Patrik Widmer with his debut release ACID LOVE. His long-time passion for techno, rave, and especially acid is reflected 100%% in this rave-ready acid track that combines straight-forward techno with an epic melody. Two multi-faceted remixes complete this solid release: Marcel Warren adds a dynamic remix typical to his uncompromisingly driving techno while BlazV embraces the melodic part in his own, unique interpretation.


I hope you enjoy my sets which I create with a lot of love and passion for acid. Each track was carefully chosen and many sets also feature self made TD-3 Acid patterns.

If you like my music, follow me on SoundCloud. Hit the like button so that we can spread my music even further. Thank you!


On youtube you can see how the acid lines are produced and how they support my DJ sets. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Let me also know what other tracks you would love to hear with an acid bassline from my synths. 

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