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Plastic Toys welcomes Patrik Widmer with his debut release ACID LOVE. His long-time passion for techno, rave, and especially acid is reflected 100%% in this rave-ready acid track that combines straight-forward techno with an epic melody. Two multi-faceted remixes complete this solid release: Marcel Warren adds a dynamic remix typical to his uncompromisingly driving techno while BlazV embraces the melodic part in his own, unique interpretation.


I hope you enjoy my sets which I create with a lot of love and passion for acid. Each track was carefully chosen and many sets also feature self made TD-3 Acid patterns.

If you like my music, follow me on SoundCloud. Hit the like button so that we can spread my music even further. Thank you!


On youtube you can see how the acid lines are produced and how they support my DJ sets. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Let me also know what other tracks you would love to hear with an acid bassline from my synths. 

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