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About Patrik Widmer

Patrik Widmer’s long-time passion for early 90s trance, rave, and techno led him to the core element of his music love: the sound of acid produced by the TB303 synthesizer. Inspired by the nights as a raver in the clubs as much as by the mixes of his DJ colleagues, Patrik developed his signature sound that combines straight techno with acid sounds and subtle melody. Patrik’s energy sets afire the dance floors when he passionately celebrates techno music behind the DJ booth, but also made him take initiative and establish is own events: with his series "Aran and Friends," he promotes Swiss local techno and old-school DJs while his event labels "Zürich Acid Town" and "Planet Techno" bring international acid techno artists to his hometown Zurich. Besides his career as a DJ and promoter, Patrik went into music production and released his first acid techno track “Acid Love” on Plastic Toys on Christmas 2022.

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