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About Patrik Widmer
DJ Patrik Widmer

Patrik's journey began as a raver in the early '90s, absorbing the vibes of trance, rave, and techno. The fascination of acid, particularly the distinct tones of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer, captured his soul, igniting a passion that still burns brightly today. Over the years, he has carved his niche, blending straight techno with acid nuances and subtle melodies, crafting a signature sound that resonates with the true essence of electronic music.

With almost two decades of DJ experience, Patrik has worked the decks of renowned clubs in Zurich, from the industrial atmosphere of Mäx and the historic vibes of alte Kasserne to the futuristic Space2.0 close to Langstrasse. The streets of Zurich have also felt the pulse of his music during events like Züri Fäst and Streetparade, where he has rocked the Utopia Lovemobile with compelling techno vibes. Another highlight was for sure his first booking for a kink event in Berlin called Libidoh.

Beyond the DJ booth, Patrik has taken the initiative to create his own club nights. His event series, "Zürich Acid Town" and "Planet Techno," bring international acid techno artists to his hometown of Zurich. Entering into music production, Patrik released several tracks on labels like Plastic Toys or Sonaxx Records which is one of the leading labels for hardtechno. His first track "Acid Love" even entered into Top10 in the Beatport releases Charts! A lot more tracks are already scheduled to be released in the near future. Stay tuned and check Beatport and Spotify to don't miss any new releases.  

As Patrik continues his musical journey, staying true to the roots that ignited his passion for techno and acid music, he invites everyone to join him at his next gig. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the pulsating energy and unmistakable sound he brings to the dance floor. Stay tuned for upcoming events and be part of the electrifying atmosphere he creates at every performance.

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